September 10, 2020

Update: We are pleased to tell you that all facility staff and residents were re-tested and all the results are negative. Northwoods currently has no active COVID-19 or anyone with symptoms.

Last week, as part of our weekly testing plan, we identified one asymptomatic employee who tested positive. That employee remains on isolation and is doing very well, thankfully.

Northwoods remains closed to in-person visits at this time. Our caregivers are wearing full sets of PPE when treating our residents, including gloves, gown, mask, and face shield.

We remain in close contact with our local and regional health departments and are following their guidance. We will continue to provide regular updates.

The email address remains available if anyone wants to email a family member at Northwoods. Please also call to schedule a virtual visit via Skype.

Stay safe! And have a wonderful weekend.