Covid Update


Covid Update

We have two staff members that has tested positive for Covid. Theses staff members are not working at this time. At this time we have no positive residents with any Covid symptoms . The Home is following all CDC guidelines . If need anything please call the home 618-382-7270

Covid Update Home is Free of Covid

Just want to update everyone on Covid. The home is Covid Free. We want to thank everyone for there thoughts and prayers . They have had few focused survey and they done a GREAT JOB! Want to thank ever one for all the hard work during these times. Happy Holidays From the Carmi Manor Staff and residents. Please remember to wear your mask and wash your hands. For any one that want to do a window visit please call Shelia 618-382-7270. Please note that we cannot open the window per IDPH . Also we are not able at this time to let residents go home for the holidays . IF you have any gifts etc that you want to drop off please drop them off in front lobby or call Shelia 618-382-7270. Big thank to the community for all the support

Covid Update

The home is still having some positive test come through staff and residents , Most ever one ever has no symptoms , The home did have IDPH Covid Survey and done great job, We have the Covid unit up and the State was on the unit and voiced that the home is doing a great job. We are following all IDPH and CDC guidelines . Please keep the home and the staff in your thoughts and Prayers .

Covid Update

Update: We have a few more staff and residents have tested positive for Covid. Most of the positive cases are asymptomatic. Your continued thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Covid Update

We have a few more resident and staff that have tested positive for Covid . We are following CDC/and IDPH guidelines. If you have any questions please call 618-382-7270. Most of the positive individuals do not have any signs of symptoms. Please keep our home in your thoughts and prayers . The staff are doing ever thing possible to protect those that are negative.

Covid 19 Update

We would like to inform everyone that we have few residents and staff member who tested positive . Most of the ones who tested positive are not showing any signs . WE are following all the CDC and IDPH guidance. Please keep checking the web page for updates .


Just want to let ever one know that we had 2 res that tested positive for Covid 19, We are doing ever thing we can to keep ever one safe. We will keep ever one posted on the web site . The home is following all the CDC and IDPH guide lines . Please call 618-372-7270 If need any anything.


As of today, 2 staff members tested positive for COVID-19. These employees are asymptomatic at this time and are not working in the building. Carmi Manor continues to follow CDC guidelines on preventing COVID-19 as well as the spread.

UPDATE 11/3/2020

We have identified a positive employee and have been in close contact with the local health department. We are following all guidance to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our resident and team. We will be testing all resident and team members to promote early detection and assist with containment of this virus. We will continue to update this website as necessary. Please contact Janice or Susan at (618)382-7270 for any questions or concerns.

Covid update

A majority of the staff were tested last week. We are happy to report that all the results were negative. Our residents have no signs or symptoms of covid.

With the Governor’s newest declaration and IDPH guidance, all visits will be outside (weather permitting). Please contact Sheila to schedule an appointment.

We appreciate everyone’s continued thoughts and prayers.

We will continue to keep you updated as changes occur.